EZ Battery Reconditioning Review: How to Revive Dead Batteries to New Life?

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EZ Battery Reconditioning Review: How to Revive Dead Batteries to New Life



EZ Battery Reconditioning: The online program for renewing old batteries was born from an interesting tale. Tom Erickson, one of the original creators of this idea, was searching for a way to lower the cost of buying batteries, as they’re expensive and most people can’t afford them. He was incredibly passionate and found Frank Thompson, a battery renewal specialist. Together, they developed this project, which has become known as a method to make old batteries function again, and thousands of people and businesses worldwide benefit from it.

What is Battery Reconditioning?

It’s a method to revive batteries that are dead or old work. This requires some tools and takes between 10 and 20 minutes. This EZ Battery Reconditioning guide is an eBook that you can read via your smartphone or computer and purchase online. The EZ Battery Reconditioning program provides 21 informative chapters filled with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and pictures for renewing various kinds of batteries.

How to Take Steps to EZ Battery Reconditioning?

Get the Battery out: It is necessary to take off the batteries from devices or vehicles first. Wear sunglasses and gloves to guard your hands and eyes. In this way, you’ll be safe from any harm caused by touching the acid of the released Battery.

Also, you must turn off the power and switch off all wires connected to your Battery. This will ensure you’re protected and not be shocked.

Make sure the Battery is clean: After having it removed from its container, You have to wash it, focusing on the components that connect to other items. It is possible to use a brush or metal to do this. If the rust is removed well, you can apply an old cloth to remove the remaining dirt.

Examine the Battery to see what it’s doing, and then try charging it using an instrument that measures electricity and another instrument that tests liquid. Both of these devices can determine how reliable it is. Its EZ Battery Renewal guide has specific steps to examine a battery to determine if it’s working.

Renew the Battery: If it passes its previous tests, you may use one of two methods described in the book for replenishing it. The steps include:

Making everything equal and removing sulfur are two methods in the book. When renewing your Battery, you must follow the instructions in the book carefully. The book also provides detailed steps for EZ Battery Renewal chemicals.

How can I buy EZ Batteries Reconditioning Program?

The only place with the authority to offer this program is the company’s official website online. Other websites sell the book for sale or even for free download. They may be scams or sell a book that has been altered.

Before making a purchase, check the website to ensure it belongs to the EZ Battery Reconditioning. You may also find sites offering feedback on EZ Battery Reconditioning courses; If you are confident in those sites, you can purchase from them. Most of the sites redirect customers to EZ Battery Reconditioning company’s website; so you can purchase directly from them.

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What’s the price of the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program cost?

This EZ Battery Reconditioning program costs just $47, valid for life since customers will get updates and modifications in subsequent books. The price is a bargain compared to the amount you’ll spend each year purchasing new batteries.

What exactly is EZ Battery Reconditioning? And How Do You Use It?

The EZ Battery Reconditioning program is an excellent option to make your old batteries function as new! The book will teach you how to repair the batteries with a few easy steps. Let’s look at what you must do to restore the batteries.

You’ll need these tools to begin the process of reconditioning.

Tools You’ll Are In Need

Battery Hydrometer.

Battery Load Checker.

Battery Terminal.


Safety Tips

Wear glasses to shield your eyes.

Protect your hands from high voltage.

Be sure that the negative terminal of your Battery isn’t touching that of the positive. This could result in an over-voltage and cause damage to the Battery.

Be cautious when connecting wires. Always attach the wire in red to the terminal on the positive, and connect the black one to the negative.

Be careful not to touch the fluids of your Battery by touching your skin. Lead-acid batteries contain a lot of sulfuric acid. Therefore, wear protective clothing when handling the batteries.

It is important to ensure you charge your batteries in a space with high air circulation. This is because batteries emit a gas that could ignite easily while charging.

Step 1: Pull Out The Battery

The initial step in battery conditioning is to remove the Battery. Remove the Battery from the panel and place it where it can be reconditioned. Be sure to follow the safety instructions and wear a protective jacket.

Get rid of all the wires connected to the Battery before you recondition. The wires connected to the Battery can be risky and cause you to be shocked.

Step 2: Clean the Battery

After preparing the Battery for reconditioning, you have to clean it. Make use of a brush to cleanse the Battery, particularly the terminals. If you notice any corrosion of the Battery’s terminals, scrub them with sandpaper.

Step 3: Examine The Battery

To recondition a battery, you must ensure that the Battery can be restored. Sometimes, batteries become so bad that they can’t be repaired. Therefore, checking them to determine whether they can be restored is important.

For testing the Battery, you will require a hydrometer or a multimeter. These instruments will allow you to determine the state of the Battery. The EZ Battery Reconditioning ebook contains all the required instructions.

Watch this instructional video to learn using a multimeter, especially for novices.

How to use a multimeter for beginners How to measure the Voltage, Resistance, and Current

Step 4: The 4th step is to Recondition the Battery.

In the last step, adhere to the steps within the EZ guide to determine whether the Battery can be repaired. In the book, there are two ways to do this for equalization and Sulfation removal. Follow the instructions in the book until you have completed conditioning.

What You Can Expect From EZ Battery Reconditioning Program?

Here are a few essential things from the book EZ Battery Reconditioning.

1. A clear List of Materials and Equipment

The EZ Battery Reconditioning program provides a complete listing of all the equipment and materials required to complete the reconditioning process. It comes with all the tools and equipment needed to recondition your Battery. This will make reconditioning your Battery considerably simpler.

2. Battery Maintenance Tips

The life of your Battery is contingent on how you use and maintain it. A good maintenance routine can make batteries last longer. Additionally, you will receive tips for maintaining your Battery in the program for reconditioning.

3. Battery Testing Guide

It is possible to test your batteries before the reconditioning process. It is possible to test the batteries during reconditioning. EZ Battery Reconditioning program includes a complete test guide for batteries. It will show the process of testing your batteries step-by-step, what equipment you will need to conduct tests, and what security guidelines you should know.

4. Clear Directions

The program provides clear instructions for each step. It clarifies each step in a way that you won’t be confused. Anyone starting as a seasoned professional will find the instructions simple to follow.

5. Simple Methods and Demonstration

After reading the complete ebook, the techniques are easy to follow. It doesn’t require any technical expertise to perform the reconditioning procedure. In addition, demonstrating the procedures for various kinds of batteries is laudable.

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Let’s look at the battery types you can repair using this program. EZ Battery Reconditioning Program.

Why do rechargeable batteries require Reconditioning?

As with other batteries, rechargeable batteries wear down with time. They use lithium-ion batteries from mobile phones to other electronic devices and appliances. These devices are used daily, so we must recharge them often.

The continual charging and discharge cycles are the reasons why batteries fail. We must restore them after the Battery is at its limit. The conditioning process can restore the lifespan of old or damaged batteries.

Additionally, certain batteries have this memory effect. The memory effect is an insufficient discharge cycle of the batteries. It reduces the lifespan of the batteries when the memory effect grows. Ni-MH and NiCd batteries particularly have this issue.

We must refresh the batteries whenever necessary to resolve this problem. To ensure that the batteries are well-maintained, providing them with the TLC (Tender Loving Care) is essential. Let’s look at the various types of rechargeable batteries.

– Ni-MH batteries. (Nickel-metal hydride)

– Ni-Cd batteries (Nickel Cadmium)

– Lithium-ion batteries.

What are the benefits of EZ Reconditioning Batteries?

Let’s examine the benefits of using an EZ battery reconditioning Program.

Benefit 1. Cost savings over the long-term

This EZ Reconditioning Program can help you by reconditioning the batteries you have in place instead of purchasing new batteries. This means you will save a significant amount of money you pay each year on batteries. You can put that cash into your company or even save it to fund your household.

Benefit 2: Understanding Your Battery More Effectively

With the EZ Battery Recondition program, you’re more than receiving the guide to reconditioning your Battery. Also, you’ll get all the information you need about the different ways a battery functions. It’s easier to maintain them properly if you are aware of the rules and regulations.

Benefit 3: Gaining A New Skill

Learning new skills is a great benefit. With this reconditioning course, you can learn a long-lasting ability. You can repair any Battery yourself and impress other people.

Benefit 4: Accessibility,

The EZ Reconditioning Program is cost-effective. They also offer a 40% discount for their service. It’s a great bargain for something similar to this.

Benefit 5: You Have Nothing to Lose

The program includes a 60-day money-back guarantee. It means you’ll get full reimbursement if you are unsatisfied with the service. Ultimately, you’ve got nothing to lose; you’re safe.

Benefit 6: An Alternative to purchasing new batteries

The reconditioning guide is a good choice.

Benefit 7: A Different Method to Avoid the need to buy new batteries

The method to make your old batteries work is a better option instead of purchasing new expensive batteries. New batteries could cost between $180 and $200. However, with this guide, you can no longer use those old batteries.

What are the problems with EZ Battery Reconditioning?

Apart from the benefits, There are downsides in addition to the benefits. They include:

Problem 1: Not A Solution For All

Batteries can be modified to function again and look new. But not all batteries can be restored to working order. This program will not work when the Battery is too old to be repaired.

Problem 2: Is Not for The Quick People

While the procedures are simple, reconditioning takes plenty of time and effort. It’s not a good choice recommended for people who quickly lose patience. Keep the positive things in your mind when you’re frustrated or ready to give up.

Problem 3: Has Risk

Reconditioning procedures can cause health risks. The reason is that batteries are typically dangerous. Lead acid batteries contain sulfuric acids.

In the event of contact with this acid, it can damage your skin. Therefore, make sure you adhere to all safety guidelines before.

Problem 4: Online only.

The program is only available online in the format of an ebook. Therefore, you will need a second device to access this ebook. Some people also prefer video lessons rather than reading a book. Therefore, it could be difficult for them.

Pro tip Print the pages of your ebook and create an actual book. This will cost you a bit of cash, but it’s worth it.

What is included in the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program?

The Easy Battery Reconditioning program is comprised of many components. They include:

What is the best way to check batteries with an instrument, a battery tester, and an analyzer?

How to take care of each Battery to ensure that they function properly.

A brief introduction to the various kinds of batteries.

Lifetime access to future battery upgrades.

How do you make your old batteries function again?

Frank’s business advice.

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How Much is the EZ Reconditioning a Battery?

It’s a bit expensive after reading about all the great deals. You’ll be pleased that the program is priced at $47.

The main reason for this low cost will be to ensure it is simple for anyone to purchase it, particularly for those who wish to save a little money at the end of the month. At just $47, you’ll get the program with two bonus books and unlimited access to updates in the future.

As we’ve stated before, you’ll also be getting the promise of a 60-day money-back guarantee. Refund your purchase If you don’t think it’s worth the cost or are having an unlucky day.

Who is this EZ Battery Reconditioning Program for?

The program is designed specifically for people who do not want to buy new batteries. The cost of buying new batteries is high. As in Tom’s tale, there aren’t the stories of millions.

A lot of people, including myself, aren’t able to afford batteries every couple of years. We also spend a significant amount of money for our lives on batteries. It’s amazing to see the numbers indicate that Americans typically dispose of 3 million batteries every year.

Numerous studies have shown that, on average, people use between 8-12 batteries in a year. This is already expensive. Therefore, the Easy Battery Reconditioning program could be the perfect solution for those who need it.

Customer Review

Here are some genuine reviews from happy customers using the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program.

Is EZ Battery Reconditioning a Real Thing? – Our Honest Review

It’s a fact that it’s a good investment! This EZ Battery Reconditioning program is dependable and is worth your time and money. Start building your old batteries immediately instead of wasting money on this program.


EZ battery reconditioning program is more than a manual to fix damaged batteries. It also shows the different types of batteries function. Taking care of batteries more effectively is possible when you know the right steps to take and avoid.

Easy Battery Reconditioning provides clear and easy instructions, simple language, and useful images.

Renewing old batteries can reduce the amount you spend each year to buy new batteries and benefit the environment.

Making repairs to a battery on your own can help you develop a valuable technique with simple battery Reconditioning.

The guide is available immediately; you don’t have to wait patiently for it to be delivered.


To implement the techniques Tom and Frank instruct you, You must purchase certain tools, which may cost you more money.

Certain batteries are damaged enough to be repaired. Therefore it isn’t possible to use the same guideline for all batteries.

The batteries in the old Battery don’t function the same way as fresh ones.

Types of Batteries which EZ Battery Reconditioning Works for

Lead-acid batteries: They are found in cars, bicycles, sports cars, trucks, along with lawnmowers.

Forklift batteries: They are used in pallet jacks, forklifts, solar, and other equipment that runs on batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries: can be used in cameras, phone devices, EVs, power tools, laptops, and other devices.

Nickel-cadmium: is utilized in cordless drills, flashing lights, wireless devices, etc.

Money-Back Policy

The guide comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to receive your money back if you are unhappy with the guide.


If you don’t have the cash to buy a brand new battery but want one urgently, consider EZ Battery Reconditioning to help your weak, old battery function and a new one. This option deserves consideration since it can help in saving money. Visit the official website to find out more!


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